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Taipei Car Rental Service

We are pleased to present the most compreshensive hire car service in Taipei to meet your travel needs.


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  Service Type One Way Roundtrip  
  ~ 3 hours service
  ~ 6 hours service

General Remarks

1) The above price is for car rental of 3 or 6 hours (depends on the vehicle) (around 30km) . If service time exceeded, surcharge will be required. For details, please refer to the Service type remarks.

2) The following areas require additional charge of HK$25 per way. (Places include: Wudu (五堵), Pali (八里), Shenkeng (深坑), Danshuei (淡水), Yangdedadau (仰德大道三段 (含) 邑翠山莊 (大台北華城、玫瑰中國城、達觀鎮、黎明清境、台北小城), Xindian Beiyi Road Sec. 2 (新店北宜路二段)

3) The above are for point to point transfer services.

4) For all type of vehicle (except Shuttle Bus), the service hour is from 08:15-19:45. Additional charge at HK$150 per/service will be applied during non-service hours (20:00-00:00, 06:00-08:00) under any circumstances (e.g. flight delay, etc.)

5) Please make the reservation at least 3 working days before the service day.

6) Price is subject to change without previous notice.

7) All modifications should be made through our company. Any subsequent changes are subject to an administrative fee plus any other applicable cancellation fee; such fees are due immediately when the amendment request is made. If it is agreed to add traveler to your booking, it is on the understanding that they have also accepted the booking terms stated.