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Hengchun Town

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  • Caesar Park Hotel Kenting

    Caesar Park Hotel Kenting

    6 Kenting Road, Hengchun Town, Pingtung Hsieng, Kenting, Taiwan
    The exotic Location of Caesar Park Hotel in Kenting offers its boarders the panoramic view of the scenic Bashi Channel and the Pacific Ocean. This hotel is situated within Kenting National Park. The hotel now has 254 brand new and best-quality guest rooms surrounding the pool and the central courtyard. Rooms are designed to have views of the Bashi Channel and Dajianshan, the relaxing and recreational atmosphere. ... More
  • Chateau Beach Resort

    Chateau Beach Resort

    451 Kenting Road, Hengchun, Pingtung, Kenting, Taiwan
    Chateau Beach Resort-Kenting is the only one beach resort in Taiwan, located right in the heart of Kenting at the southern tip of Taiwan. With warm climate, pleasant scenery and easy access, It attracts millions of both domestic and foreign tourists every year. 293 rooms and 3 restaurants, 3 gift shops, swimming pools and fitness center combine to offer an excellent holiday. ... More
  • Fullon Resort Kending

    Fullon Resort Kending

    No. 1000, Chuanfan Rd., Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan
    Fullon Resort Kending is located on the southern hill of the Sheding Park in the Kending National Park, overlooking the expansive Bashi Channel and the Eluanbi Lighthouse aka the Light if East Asia. In the vicinity of Chuanfan Rock Beach, Siangiao Bay and Shell-sand Island, Fullon Resort Kending has the most beautiful scenery in Kending. ... More
  • Howard Beach Resort Kenting

    Howard Beach Resort Kenting

    2, Kenting Road, Hengchun Town, Pingtung Hsien, Kenting, Taiwan
    The Howard Beach Resort Kenting is one of the luxurious Hotels surrounded by the mountains and the sea. The Location of Howard Beach Resort Kenting is in close proximity to the famous Kenting National Park. It offers guests with 405 luxurious and well-appointed rooms which have the best modern facilities. ... More
  • Kenting China Trust Hotel

    Kenting China Trust Hotel

    1180 Heng Kong Road, Hengchun, Pingtung, Kenting, Taiwan
    The Chinatrust Hotel offers modern, comfortable suites, and fine recreational facilities, with easy access to all the attractions of the city and the nearby national park. Located on the very southern tip of Taiwan, this unspoilt region was given national park status. It is only a few minutes drive from the National Museum of Marine Biological and Aquarium, and ten minutes drive from the Kenting strip. ... More
  • Kenting Holiday

    Kenting Holiday

    996 Heng Kong Road, Hengchun, Pingtung, Kenting, Taiwan
    Kenting Holiday Resort Hotel is located on the Heng Kong Road, facing the green grass of Kuanshan plains. The hotel is easily accessible. Various tourist attractions can be reached in around 10 minutes time. Hotel facilities like open-air swimming pool, sauna, fitness equipment are provided for customers. ... More
  • Kenting Toong Mao Gau Shan Ching Hotel

    Kenting Toong Mao Gau Shan Ching Hotel

    No.271 Kenting Road, Hengchun Town, Pingtung, Kenting, Taiwan
    Gau Shan Ching hotel is located in Kenting National Park Recreation Area then across the arches, it is close behind the large natural Bay Beach, on the left side of Kenting there was a spirit of the great indicators of Eagle's Nest. The Gau Shan Ching Hotel from the busy street Kenting is only a minute travel. ... More
  • Leofoo Resort

    Leofoo Resort

    6 – 5 Haikou Road, Haikou Village, Checheng Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan
    Kenting Leofoo Resort has 196 rooms overlooking posture, use of a large area around the mountain and sea style windows will be designed to integrate into the southern European style building. To Greece as the deep blue Mediterranean water features in the open court as the center, with a Roman-style arches, cloisters, and the imitation of the Spanish-style stone tower, carved out of rich Kenting region's most distinctive mark on Southern Europe. E Huang, Cheng orange, blue seaweed green and war in space, furniture, fun colors interact with, natural classes relaxing Southern Europe, colorful ... More
  • Yoho Landis Beach Resort Kenti

    Yoho Landis Beach Resort Kenti

    No.27-8, Wan-Li Road, Heng Chun Chen, Pingtung Hsien, Kenting, Taiwan
    Yoho Landis Kenting Beach Resort located in Kenting National Park. The rooms are designed with spectacular views, allowing guests to feel at ease in our comfortable environment. ... More

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