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  • Astar Hotel

    Astar Hotel

    6-1 Minchuan Road, Hualien, Taiwan
    Astar Hotel is located in the heart of Hualien City, the hotel is more like a resort, offering many relaxing facilities to suit your needs. The hotel is around 15 minutes from Hualien Airport and Hualien Railway Station, providing a convenient transport network for visitors in this area. The nearby attractions are Taroko National Park, East Hawaii Amusement Park, Rueisuei Hot Spring, and Hualian Farglory Ocean Park. ... More
  • Azure Hotel

    Azure Hotel

    590 Jong Jen Road, Hualien, Taiwan
    The Azure Hotel is located in Hualien City's central business district with easy access to major express ways, famous tourist spots, and shopping area. It is 5 mintues from Hualien Train Station, 15 mintues from Hualien Airportin the heart of Hualien City. It offers international business traveler and tourist a peaceful and restful stay with modern facilities and hospitable service. ... More
  • Classic City Resort

    Classic City Resort

    No.139, Guolian 5th Road, Hualien City, Taiwan
    Classic City Resort is situated near Hualien train station, a quiet urban tranquility lets you experience the energy of Hualien but yet feeling free and relaxed. Fashionable European designs completed with friendly and attentive services, completing your home away from home experience. ... More
  • Farglory Hotel

    Farglory Hotel

    No.18, Shanling, Yanliau Tsuen, Shoufeng Shiang, Hualien, Taiwan
    The Hualien Far Glory Hotel stands between the mountains and the sea, providing a vast view of its surroundings. It is located at an elevation above sea level in Yanliao Tsuen, Shoufeng Hsiang, the Northern tip between the sea and mountains. The first impression of the Hualien Far Glory Hotel is its feel as a Victorian Palace, mainly due to its abundant use of rich Victorian style architecture, bringing forth a character of diversity and industrialization. ... More
  • Hualien China Trust Hotel

    Hualien China Trust Hotel

    No. 2 Yong Hsin Road, Hualien City, Taiwan
    Hualien Chinatrust Hotel is one of international tourist hotels in eastern Taiwan. The hotel lies near to both the airport and the railway station and 10 minutes walk from the Coastal Park and the cultural centre. The Chinatrust Hotel in Hualien located by the sea in the cool embrace of the mountains, this hotel is the best starting point for a leisurely excursion to the Taroko Park and many other scenic spots in the region. ... More
  • KKS Hotel

    KKS Hotel

    No.223, Guolian 5th Road, Hualien City, Taiwan
    Hualien KKS Hotel is located in the center of the city and it is close to the Hualien Railway Station. Visitors can just walk to Bowling alley, night market and so on. Hualien KKS Hotel has perfect facilities and warm accommodation space which is suitable for tourist or business traveler. ... More
  • Lige Hotel

    Lige Hotel

    No.258 Shang Shiao Street, Hualien City, Taiwan
    The Lige Hotel is located in the centre of the Hualien city and is close to the railway station, business and financial centres. This hotel has 125 deluxe suites, ideal for holiday makers. A very private enviroument and tranquility because of our Mediterranean aura and escape from the hustle and bustle city life. ... More
  • Marshal Hotel

    Marshal Hotel

    36, Kung Yuan Road, Hualien, Taiwan
    The Marshal Hotel in Hualien is one of the remarkable Hotels in Hualien. Boasting of a magnificent structure, this is one of the modern hotels that promise every visitor to this city a stay close to their heart. Located on 36 Gongyuan Road in Hualien city, it is the Location of Marshal Hotel in Hualien that contributes to its growth and popularity. The Marshal Hotel in Hualien enjoys good connectivity to other interesting landmarks within the city and is placed in close proximity to the airport and the railway station. With its central location, exotic surroundings and services and amenities, the hotel claims prominence among all the Hotels in Taiwan. ... More
  • Park View Hotel

    Park View Hotel

    1-1, Ling-Yuan, Hualien, Taiwan
    The Parkview hotel is located in Mei Lun Section of Hualien city. You can avail of the flight from Taipei and fly down to the Hualien Airport. It is a hotel with natural beauty of environment. The hotel offers 360 guest rooms furnished with imported European rattan furniture, pure woolen carpet, fire-retardent linenand curtains, yielding bright, comfortable and yet elegant ambiance. ... More
  • PromisedLand


    No.1, Li Hsiang Road, Shoufeng Township, Hualien, Taiwan
    The Promised Land is located in Xofen Township, Hualien County, next to the National Dong Hwa University and two national scenic areas: the East Coast and East Riff Valley national scenic areas. It occupies an area of 250 hectares, about the same as Yonghe City, and is about one hour's ride from the Taroko and Jade Mountain national parks. In this land, which is richly endowed by nature, only about 15 hectares have been developed. The development includes: a 5-star hotel surrounding a lake, a European shopping gallery, a water amusement park, golf courses, 1000 garden villas and seasonal vacation member villas, a theme park, and a super 5-star resort. ... More
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