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  • Riviera Yuseoung

    Riviera Yuseoung

    444-5 Bongmyung-dong, Yuseong-gu, Korea
    Daejeong Hotel Riviera Yuseong Situated at the center of Daejeon and administrative city. Opened in 1988, Hotel Riviera Yuseong is located in the center of the Yuseong Hot Spring area, which is famous for a family resort. The rooms are larger than other hotels and Korean hot-floored ondol rooms are also available. It takes 2 hours from Seoul and 30 minutes ride away from Taejon Station. Taedok Science Research Complex and Expo Science Park are near the hotel. The Riviera Yuseong Hotel in Daejeon one of the oldest hotels in the city is located at Bongmyung- Dong Yusung - Gu of Daejeon. The hotel can be accessed in a number of ways. If you are coming from Seoul then take the Honamson Railway Road. The Yuseong Interchange of the Honam Expressway is only 5 minutes from the hotel. ... More
  • Yousung Hotel

    Yousung Hotel

    480 Bongmyeong-dong, Yuseong-gu, Korea
    Daejeong Yousung Hotel has been well known for the best service, facilities, elegant atmosphere to the world since it was established in 1915. Staffs continuously to make this hotel where guests can enjoy comfortable rest as well as romantic honeymoon as they have done before. ... More

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